Tomas Sjödahl has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Victor Ek LTD as of 1st of February 2016. Tomas has worked with Victor Ek for over 13 years, and during his career Tomas has occupied different managerial positions. Before his appointment as Managing Director, Tomas was the Director of Shipping & Logistics.

Juha Karjalainen has been appointed as the Project Manager since 1st of February 2016. His responsibilities include terminal services, business development and sales.

Mats Rehnström has been appointed as the Manager of Ships Clearance as of 1st of February 2016. Mats is in charge of operations in connection with ships clearance.

These appointments support the strategical decisions made by the board. The main aim is to focus on the strengths and growing business areas, such as harbor operations and logistics services, especially in Port of Hanko.

“Port of Hanko is showing an upward trend at the moment. The competition between ports has become more intense and there is an ongoing search for even more efficient routes for cargo flows. Due to its excellent location, Port of Hanko holds a very good position in the current situation. Also, Port of Hanko is in good position for its strong liner traffic and flexible supply of services. We want to add our presence in Hanko by, for example, investing and creating new service concepts.” Tomas Sjödahl comments.

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