21.4.2021 Helsinki

Dear Customer,

A lot is happening around the world and the exceptional circumstances surrounding the corona pandemic continue in many places and in many respects. We thought it was important to inform our customers about the issues that have a significant impact on moving abroad.


Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, there has been a lot of disruption in global container traffic since last year. There is a shortage of free containers in several regions (especially in Asia), so it is difficult to get containers reserved for loading. Container shortages have a significant impact on sea freight prices, for example from Asia to Europe prices can be up to 3-5 times more expensive than under normal conditions. Freight rates are also changing rapidly. We take these factors into account when preparing offers and check the cargo situation before the container is shipped.

In addition to the availability of containers, it has been difficult for shipping companies to confirm ship space for containers leaving Finland, which in turn causes delays in the total duration of shipments and removals, depending on the destination and route (estimated to take 1-3 weeks longer than normally to the USA and Asia). The events in the Suez Canal and their multiplier effects will exacerbate the situation for a long time to come. We inform customers about the availability of containers and the shipping situation in connection with the request for quotation and order confirmation. The availability of containers as well as delays in shipping may cause the need for interim storage as well as other possible additional costs. We always inform about these according to the situation.


The air cargo situation is recovering and operating close to normal conditions. The availability of air cargo has improved considerably during the first half of the year. Air freight rates are still high and change almost weekly, depending slightly on the destination and timing. The duration of air cargo is on a normal level, small delays may occur from time to time. We will notify you of significant changes as needed.


There has been no significant impact on road traffic from Finland to Europe and vice versa during the pandemic. The trucks will run within normal schedules, subject to country-specific regulations and restrictions related to the pandemic. Freight prices are rising somewhat due to fuel price developments.


The busiest time for international moving is about to begin. Traditionally, the peak season runs from the end of May to the end of August, but already last year the season was slightly longer than normal. According to forecasts, the coming summer will be exceptionally busy already from the beginning of May. We recommend that you start planning your relocations in good time and confirm your orders as soon as possible so that we can reserve the necessary resources as well as cargo equipment and schedules (sea and air freight) in advance. June-July-August in particular, as well as the turn of the months, will be congested times.


If you have any questions about other issues related to international moving in addition to the ones mentioned above, we can be reached:


Antti Lind: +358 9 1251 370 / antti.lind@victorek.fi

Michael Cedercreutz: +358 9 1251 200 / michael.cedercreutz@victorek.fi

Charles Gray: +358 9 1251 390 / charles.gray@victorek.fi

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