When moving, there is a lot more to consider than just moving your household goods from one apartment to another. Here we gathered a helpful checklist to go through before moving:

  • Make an address change through official channels before your move
  • Go through and update if necessary your household’s contracts, such as electricity, insurance and so on
  • Make sure your Internet connection is up and running in your new home before you move in
  • If you are planning on using a moving company, reserve dates in good time – especially if you are moving during the last days of a month
  • Go through and organize your household goods before packing – move is a great opportunity to recycle unused items
  • Start packing with items you do not urgently need in your new home, such as books and summer clothes in winter time
  • Make sure you have gathered all keys to your new home before handing them over
  • Make sure you have marked every moving box’s conte4nt and to which room it belongs to
  • It is good to inform your neighbors about your move, especially if the moving truck will take up space in the parking lot
  • Make sure you have reserved time for cleaning the old apartment before handing it over
  • Before beginning the move, plan ahead to where you would like to situate the heaviest pieces of furniture – this way it is easier to carry the most challenging items to their right place at once