Make your moving easier, and your goods will find their way to their correct places.

  • Make an inventory of what is necessary and what is not. Moving is an excellent opportunity to discard unnecessary items

  • Always have a few more moving boxes than is necessary. A good rule of thumb is one moving box per each square metre

  • Do not over-pack your moving boxes. Over-packed boxes cannot be stacked and their transportation takes more time than those of correctly packed boxes. Boxes should be stacked in piles of four boxes so that they can be easily moved around using a hand truck

  • If you pack books into plastic boxes, only fill them halfway with books. Books are very heavy, and moving heavy boxes takes more time

  • Mark the content of each box, which room the content is from and any other important information. The easiest way is to use moving labels, which you can get from Victor Ek

  • Pack plates in an upright position wrapped thoroughly in paper. As a result, the bottommost plates are not subject to excess pressure. Do not be economical with packing material when packing glassware

  • Washing machines should be disconnected on the day before so that they dry up and do not sprinkle water on your other belongings. In addition, the transportation supports of washing machines should be tied before moving

  • If you have furniture with doors or drawers, fasten any moving parts using shrink-wrap. If you use tape, it may leave traces that are difficult to clean

  • If you have a piano, chandelier, artwork or other items that require special attention, remember to notify us of them and their size

  • Paintings and mirrors should be packed using cardboard boxes. A single cardboard box has room for several paintings if they have small frames. Place bubble wrap between paintings. Properly packed paintings are quick and easy to move

  • Sofas, carpets, etc., should be protected using protective plastic that is quick and easy to use

  • Do not pack any items in plastic bags. They are impractical to move and break easily