When it comes to office removals, careful planning goes a long way. Here you can find a few helpful pointers:

  • An office move is good to start with a pre-move survey
  • Before the actual move date, it is good to make sure that appropriate officials have been informed of your company’s address change and that you have changed the address and other contact details on your website
  • Reserve locked trash boxes for destroyable documents which hold confidential information
  • Reserve a spot for empty moving boxes – this way you’ll have a spot for them once delivered
  • Do not spare move labels – label every piece of furniture clearly so everything goes to the right place in the new office
  • Moving boxes shouldn’t be packed too full so they can be stacked in piles of 4
  • Heaviest items are to be placed on the bottom of moving boxes
  • If there are any extra heavy or large items, such as safes, in your offices, it is good to let us know in advance
  • We can arrange cleaning services in connection with office moves in both addresses