Temporary accommodation

To facilitate the relocation to Finland, we offer a temporary accommodation booking service. We reserve temporary housing as needed, using our reliable partners according to the customer’s preferences. We are familiar with residential areas and can identify the best possible location, taking into account the individual’s needs. When booking temporary accommodation, it is important to consider the possibility of address registration. Some temporary accommodation may not allow the registration of a permanent address. To ensure smooth local registrations when moving to Finland, it is crucial to reserve temporary housing that allows address registration.

Alternatively, a permanent home can be virtually searched for, enabling the person to be registered at a permanent address upon arrival in Finland. When you choose international moving services from Victor Ek, we can furnish your temporary residence while waiting for your personal belongings to arrive, and we will take the temporary furniture with us when your shipment arrives.

For more information please contact:

Hanna Lindqvist
Head of Relocation